Why is SuperIQ different?

SuperIQ provides intuitive information to help you make the best decisions.

Why intuitive? To help you see your future more clearly.

For example, just telling you how much cash you have in your SMSF at any given point is nice, but wouldn’t it also be good to know what your likely cash requirements are going to be so you know how much of your cash is actually available for investment? That’s intuitive.

You’ll know where you’re up to with contributions made to the SMSF. This helps when monitoring against your “capped” limits, so you don’t end up paying extra tax.

You’ll also know where you’re up to with your pension payments, and what needs to be drawn by the end of the financial year to meet your minimum requirements. If you know what has to go out and by when, you have a much better ability to manage your investments and cash flow needs. That’s intuitive.

SuperIQ is all about working together for the best solution for you.

Often the hardest thing is to find someone to answer your questions. With SuperIQ, you have a dedicated person to help you and access to our tech services team, face to face, by phone or online via web, iPad or whatever other device you may have that has video conferencing. There is nothing better than seeing the person you want to talk to. Our services are designed with you in mind.