What makes SuperIQ unique?

SuperIQ is like no other Self Managed Super Fund service. You have access to intelligent, intuitive information and facilities to allow a ‘real-time’ overview of your Super Fund position. You know where you are at any point in time, and what is important for you to do.

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of the ‘information lag’ – the difference between when you need to know your exact financial position and when you actually know it (usually when you lodge your tax return) you’ll understand just how more efficient and financially nimble a SuperIQ SMSF can be.


The SuperIQ Dashboards

Personalised Member Dashboard
The SuperIQ Member Dashboard brings together everything you need to manage your fund. Using our facilities, all your transactions are interconnected giving you visibility and hence control over your investments. We display all the necessary information on the Member Dashboard so you can efficiently look after your fund. We'll send you an SMS, an email or a letter so you always know if there's something you need to attend to, and its associated deadline. You can even create a task for us to action if you need our help in any way.


Adviser Dashboard
To assist Advisers with managing multiple client funds we can provide them a dedicated Adviser Dashboard. Through their dashboard, advisers can view all the details across all of their client funds including Investment Reports, Bank Account reports, Minutes, important documents and any outstanding matters. By displaying an audit trail of all activities across all funds we can ensure advisers are always provided with the most current information for the clients.

Fund Overview

You know exactly where you stand at any point in time.

“From wherever you are, anywhere in the world, in an instant you can see the value of your fund and check if it’s on track to where you want to be.”
- Andrew Bloore


Outstanding Tasks

Lets you know what you need to do, and when you need to do it. At your direction, we will send you an SMS, an email or a letter (if that’s what you prefer) so you always know if there’s something you need to attend to. You can create a task for us to action if you need our help in any way.


Investment Strategy

You set your investment strategy and we'll monitor your fund's performance against it. If you move outside your strategy we'll let you know. You can then change your investments to suit the strategy, or change the strategy itself, all through our tools, online. We then create the minutes and send them to you.


Contribution Cap Monitoring

Your contributions are an important area that requires careful monitoring. We can help allocate and monitor your contributions and let you know when you are reaching your caps. If you exceed your caps, the tax rate can be as much as 93%. We built our alerts system to tell you when you reach a pre- determined percentage of your cap. You can also view all contributions to your fund by member (or contribution type) for the current & previous years.


Pension Monitoring

Our Pension Monitoring shows you exactly where you stand against your minimum requirements. If you have a transition to retirement pension that has a maximum, then the system will alert you when you get to 85% of that maximum. You must take your minimum pension amount or you lose the tax benefit.


Intuitive Advice

SuperIQ is here to help. By understanding your position we are able to better give you intuitive information for you to make decisions about your fund.

For example, it’s easy for investors to leave themselves short of cash come tax time. But if we know the amount of your pension that needs to be drawn (if you have one) and what your likely expenses are going to be for the rest of the financial year, we can tell you what cash you actually have available to invest, so you’re never caught short.


Online Broking Service

We've linked an online broking service from Desktop Broker that's totally integrated with your administration via your dashboard. Desktop Broker also offer detailed research, stock analysis and portfolio tools as part of the standard service - far more than any other online service.


Access Term Deposits from the Dashboard

Using the linked Australian Money Market service you can select Term Deposits from 24 different financial institutions without the need for any on-going paperwork. No manual 100 point checks (this is done online and automatically) and the money moves overnight so you don't lose interest waiting for the funds to arrive. To help, we'll send you an alert 7 days out from the end of the Term so that you can decide what you want to do next.


How do we help you?

Call us on 1300 660 598 and we'll work together to find the best solution for you. We'll talk you through any relevant fees and can even go through the online wizards with you to get the process started.